Investment in Montenegro

Population 620.000 & Area 13.812 km²

10 Reasons to Invest in Montenegro

  • The growing Montenegro is one of the most geographically interesting places in Europe.
  • Within the framework of the negotiations with the European Union, she received the EU Membership Visa no later than 2021. She is currently a member of NATO and WTO organizations.
  • With the lowest corporate tax rate of 9% in Europe, it offers a financial appeal for international trade.
  • It is a politically stable and reliable country.
  • Today’s official currency is € Euro.
  • All foreigners in the country have equal legal rights with Montenegrin citizens.
  • The Montenegrin State has given incentives to foreign investors seriously.
  • Montenegro, both locally and with neighboring countries, has all kinds of construction sources.
  • There are no visa applications outside a few countries. Turkish citizens are free to enter and exit the country multiple times.
  • Establishing a company, working and residence permits for foreigners is simple and fast.

Montenegro Investment History

FDIs were € 757.4 million in 2015. In addition, the total projected planned investments amounted to € 610 million in 2016, € 961.3 million in 2017 and € 1.0106 million in 2018.

Strong investment activities are foreseen in the transportation, tourism, energy and agriculture sectors; It is expected to increase the value of the capital that will cause an increase in the potential economic activity rates

The expected annual GDP growth in the medium term perspective from 2015 to 2018 is 3.6%.This should arise as a result of a robust investment cycle with investments in infrastructure (Smokovac-Mateševo Bar-Boljare highway equals 20% of GDP) and announced investments in energy, tourism and agriculture. Significant investments equal to at least 30% of GDP have also been announced in tourism, energy, industry and agriculture.