Investment in Istanbul

Population 14.804.116 & Area 5461 km²

Why Investing in Istanbul is Important?

  • A rapidly developing economy; The GDP, which was 231 billion US Dollars in 2002, increased by 3 KTF in 2015 to 720 billion US Dollars (TURKSTAT)
  • The most crowded young population (Eurostat)
  • Skilled Labor force (more than 193 universities annually, approximately 733,000 graduates (2015, YÖK)
  • Since 1997, OECD member countries have been the second largest reformer (OECD FDI Regulation Restraint Index 1997-2015) in terms of restrictions on foreign direct investment
  • New and improved technical infrastructure in transportation, telecommunication and energy sectors
  • Highly developed, low cost marine transport
  • Corporate Tax at 20% from 33%

Incentives for Investment in Istanbul

The new investment incentive system, effective as of January 1, 2012, consists of four different regimes. Domestic and foreign investors can benefit from the following incentives:

  • General Investment Promotion
  • Regional Investment Promotion Practises
  • Large-scale Investment Promotion
  • Strategic Investment Promotion Practises

Supporting elements provided under the different investment incentive regimes are shown in the following table