Urban Renewal Project Management

Services for Property Owners

In line with the evolving and changing needs of the city, we are dealing with a comprehensive and integrated approach to the transformation process of unplanned and unhealthy building stock that has reached the present from the past through considering the sustainability principle in accordance with the Law and Implementation Regulation on the Conversion of Areas under Disaster Relief No. 6306. We are living through the projects we planned with the actors.

Consultancy and Coordination Services for Contractor and Investor

An approach that removes the potential compromise problems and uncertainties that may arise in the process of transformation with the participation of the rightsholders and the contractor firms / investors, will lead the project developer to question all the technical, legal and financial aspects of each item and to lead to solutions to the problems in the process. The goal of project development is to be able to carry out the process in a transparent manner with the right planning taking into account the rights and expectations of the parties.